How do I become a member?

Membership applications are always welcome and are reviewed and accepted once a month at our general membership meeting, which is held the first Tuesday of every month. Upon completion of application the board will review the application and conduct all background checks. After the completion of background the application will be submitted to the general membership at our meeting with a recommendation to either accept or deny based on their findings during the background investigation. Current members will vote on the app regardless of recommendations from the board. You the applicant will be notified of the determination.

What does it cost to become a member of Pennsylvania Water Rescue?

There are no costs to become a member of our department for first time applicants.

Where and when are your meetings held?

All business meeting are held at Pennsylvania Water Rescue main station located at 444 North 13th Street Easton Pa 18042. Meeting dates are listed on our calendar page.

If I become a member, do I have to attend all meetings?

No. But it is highly recommended that you do to stay informed. We find that the members that do not regularly attend always seem to get lost in the shuffle and eventually lose interest.

Do I have to attend all Drills?

No. There is only a required 1/3 Participation of all events. However training nights are essential for you to become a rescuer. This is a time that you will bond with other members and learn techniques used to successfully complete a rescue safely and also grow to trust putting your life in your fellow rescuers hands. We need to train as a team to be successful.

Are there any annual dues?


Do I need to purchase my own equipment?

No. Pennsylvania Water Rescue provides all necessary equipment for the tasks at hand.